Modern photovoltaic structures and carports for your business direct from the manufacturer

We create with passion, a view to the future and safety. Our products are characterised by innovative designs, economy and ease of installation.


Manufacturer of modern solutions for the RES market

Amiston has been a trusted manufacturer since 2015. We create carports and photovoltaic structures thanks to our experience and specialised designers, as well as using modern and professional machinery. Our designers have developed designs of reinforced structures in accordance with standards and technical requirements. We create robust structures for ground-mounted photovoltaic panels and photovoltaic sheds for the most demanding customers. The structures and frames we offer for photovoltaics are durable, resistant and easy to assemble. We will help you realise any project, even those impossible for other companies. Our strengths are passion, reliability and many years of experience. Customised constructions for Poland and Europe, thanks to the necessary design and technical knowledge, have been developed just for you.

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Advantages of our environmentally and nature-friendly photovoltaic construction systems

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems have become widely popular due to the safety and convenient access to the PV modules. Ground-mounted photovoltaic panels have a decisive advantage over roof-mounted installations due to accessibility and operational safety. We offer comprehensive support to investors, planners and contractors at all levels of implementation. Our many years of experience guarantee the rapid implementation and success of every investment. Carports and photovoltaic structures manufacturer Amiston, which is the path to success for your business!

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Photovoltaic carports - an innovative solution for every development

Modern and practical canopies created for the RES market are a showcase for the energy independence of any company. Created for industrial facilities, shopping centres, housing estates and single-family homes as photovoltaic shelters. Increase the capacity of your photovoltaic installation with our solutions. Adapt with us to the current requirements of the market economy! Carports to increase prestige and profits for business and private customers!

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Our structures are a stable foundation for your advantage, which are easily used in:

Nasze konstrukcje
In the Agro segment
The hotel industry and restaurants
Parking lots, supermarkets, shopping malls
Housing estates and homes

4. Our structures are a stable foundation for your profit, which are easily applied in:

  • Production
  • Designing
  • Support
  • Transport

Support structures for photovoltaic systems are manufactured in our own machinery park.
In addition, we work with subcontractors who are market leaders in the Polish industrial production sector.
For production we use galvanised structural steel and the best magnelis-coated steel, which protects against corrosion even in extremely hostile conditions.

We offer ground structures and carports suitable for Polish climatic conditions.
We can also prepare an individual project to fit to special requirements.
Our constructors will make the necessary calculations and advise on technical issues,
to give you the certainty of a well-executed investment.

Your "Piece of Mind" is our motto. You can be sure
that with photovoltaic systems, we also give you
the technical assistance during the installation
process and full support during their use.
Additionally we provide for all galvanized structures
7-year warranty, and for the Magnelis® coating
a 15-year warranty

We offer our help finding the best way
of transport anywhere in the world.
Having cooperation with some of the top
transport companies, we always find
the best solution for you.