“Corporate Social Responsibility” is defined as a concept where the company incorporates in their strategy social interests and environmental protection, as well as relations with various groups of stakeholders.

Recognizing its responsibility to participate in legislation, applying the principles of democracy and respecting different views and traditions, Amiston takes concrete steps to develop solutions that are ecologically optimized as well as preserving natural resources.

In addition to a number of activities that hugely benefit our local community and investing in our employee’s development, we do not forget about the environment and to promote an ecofriendly lifestyle.

In order to implement the CRS policy, we have included in our corporate DNA a selection of rules and guidelines: environmental education for our employees and customers, waste segregation and management of raw materials. In addition to that, our internal documentation is stored electronically where possible. By reducing the amount of wasted paper, we not only care about the natural environment, but also improve our work efficiency.


Investing in employees is a key element that allows for the continuous development and increase of the company value. In Amiston we are a strong believers that "company means people". Our employees can benefit from internal training, subsidized courses and external education. Thanks to this, they improve their skills, which benefits not only them, but also  our company. As a result we are able to develop new solutions, be better organized and more efficient at work. 

What we are really proud of is the fact that we’ve managed to establish a true work environment without barriers, where everyone is treated equally, regardless of their age, gender, nationality, interests, believes or health condition.